Explore the Rock Crusher – The Solution and Solution Increment

A solution increment grows the solution, which represents some value-generating product or service for the enterprise. A solution could be a product or service offered for sale (a home router, an industrial image setter, a consumer subscription streaming service) or an enabler for services that the enterprise delivers to its customers (online banking, an online airline reservation system). A solution could be a nonprofit service, such as housing or free child care. It could even be something the enterprise is contracted to deliver, such as software.

When the team pulls ready rocks through the thin pipe, they create and test the rock’s verifiable model. If the verifiable model is accepted by the backlog owner, the rock becomes a solution increment that contributes to a solution. A solution is a product or service that creates value for the enterprise. It could be a long-term revenue-generating product or a temporary endeavor such as a project.